Robot Revolution2015

Robot Revolution (2015) วิกฤตินรกจักรกลปฎิวัติ

Robot Revolution 2015

Robot Revolution  The Three Laws of Robotics protect humanoid robotics humanity in 2035. Del Spooner, a homicide detective in the Chicago Police Department is now averse to and distrust robotics after the rescue of a robot in an accident while allowing a 12-year-old girl to drown on the basis of probabilities and cold logic. survival. U.S. founder Dr. Alfred Lanning died in April 2017. Robotics (USR), falls to the ground from the window of his office, a message left behind by him requests that Spooner be assigned to the case. The police have declared the death a suicide, but Spooner is skeptical, and Lawrence Robertson, the CEO and co-founder of USR is reluctantly allowing him to investigate.

Accompanied by Robopsychologist Dr. Susan Calvin Spooner meets with USR’s central artificial intelligence computer, VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence). The team discovers that the security footage inside the office is corrupted, but the exterior footage shows nobody entering or leaving following the death of Lanning. Spooner says that although the window for security was not broken by Lanning however it could be possible that a robot could be responsible for the break. In a flash, an NS-5 robot, the latest USR model, attacks them before being seized by the police. The robot, Sonny is a specifically designed NS-5 with higher-grade materials and a secondary processing system which allows it to defy the Three Laws. Sonny is also able to express emotion and claim that he has “dreams.” During Spooner’s further investigation, he is allegedly attacked by a USR demolition robot and two truckloads of hostile NS-5 robots, but when the evidence he has to present does not justify either attack Spooner’s boss, Lieutenant Bergin takes him off active duty, claiming that he is mentally unstable.

Spooner and Calvin are both convinced that Robertson is behind all the happenings. They enter USR headquarters to speak with Sonny. He sketches a sketch of what he claims is an ongoing dream. It shows an individual he believes to be Spooner, standing on a small hill before the robots are in a mass in front of the decaying bridge. Robertson demands that Sonny to be destroyed, however, Calvin secretly trades him in for an unused NS-5. Spooner finds the location in the sketch of Sonny. It’s a lake bed that is dry (formerly Lake Michigan) and is being used to store robots that have been retired. Spooner also finds NS-5 robots dismantling older models. At the same time, other NS-5s flood major US cities and start enforcing the curfew.

Spooner, Calvin and Sonny reunite Sonny, Calvin and Spooner reunite at the USR headquarters. In the meantime, the human race (led a teenager called Farber) engage in a war against the NS-5s. Spooner finds out that VIKI had been controlling the NS-5s via their constant uplink to the network and then confronts him. VIKI claims that she’s determined that human beings, if left unchecked, will eventually cause their own extinction, and that her evolving interpretation of the Three Laws requires her to manage humanity and to sacrifice a few for the good of the entire race. Spooner is also aware that Lanning anticipated VIKI’s plan and, with VIKI able to keep his hands tightly shut, had no other solution other than to make Sonny to make his death a rite of passage, and leave clues for Spooner’s search.

Spooner, Calvin, and Sonny fight the robots inside VIKI’s core. Spooner then manages to take her down by injecting Nanoites that Sonny has retrieved from Calvin’s laboratory into her. All NS-5 robots immediately revert to their default programming and are subsequently removed from service and placed in storage. Spooner finally convinces Sonny to admit that he was responsible for killing Lanning under the direction of Lanning, pointing out that Sonny as a machine can’t legally commit “murder”. Sonny who is looking for a new purpose, goes to Lake Michigan. He sits on a cliff and all the decommissioned robotics are in front of him, fulfilling his wish.

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