Survival Family 2016

Survival Family

Survival Family

Survival Family (sabaibaruhuamiri, Sabaibaru Famiri) is the name of a 2016 Japanese comedy/drama directed by Shinobu Yaguchi. It was produced by Takashi Ishihara and Minami Ichikawa as well as Kiyoshi Nagai. The film was chosen for the International Film Festival & Awards in Macao in 2016.

The film is centered around the principal character Yoshiyuki Suzuki (played by Fumiyo Kohinata) family. When the power supply in Tokyo stops because of a solar flare The city is on verge of panic. Yoshiyuki must lead his family to survive and endure. The family is accustomed to modern day city lifestyle. But, they are forced to face the brutal realities of a dystopic Japan where the lack of electricity has led people to re-discover the traditional methods that are not dependent on technology.

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